18 Sep 2023 / E-REUSE Conference (Chicago)

REEPRODUCE at the E-SCRAP Conference & Electronics Reuse Conference in Chicago

ProDevice Global-Diskus Polska talked about Reeproduce at the E-SCRAP Conference & Electronics Reuse Conference – the single largest gathering point for the fast-evolving industry of electronics and sustainability.

Tomasz Filipów (CEO, ProDevice) gave a presentation about Innovation on Rare Earth Recovery and what the EU-Funded REEPRODUCE project is currently developing to establish the first sustainable and compete European REEs-recycling value chain at industrial scale.

The session covered:

This session will cover:

✔ Evolving technologies and processes to recover rare earth elements from end-of-life electronics.
✔ Overview of political and economic factors influencing supply and demand of critical metals now and into the future.
✔ Details on the prevalence of rare earth materials in a variety of product streams.