01 Feb 2024

Bronneberg’s as key player in the global recycling equipment market

In the context of the REEPRODUCE project, what is Bronneberg’s goal?

From its very creation in 1946 Bronneberg has been active in the recycling industry so definitely no secrets here. It is our goal to keep following in this field as continuously new challenges are appearing on our route.

FAU has optimised the Nd-based extraction. Based on these results, how is Bronneberg going to step forward?

The very first hurdle was to select the right as well as available components containing Neodymium (Nd) magnets and determining where to find them. Most obvious this appeared to be the normal E-motor anchors. Only very specific E-motors contain Nd magnets however it is very complicated to recognise and thus select. For this reason, the consortium has chosen to concentrate mainly on EV-drive motor and HVAC compressor motor anchors as well as E-scooter-wheels which in principle all contain Nd magnets. In collaboration with FAU we have finally reached the point where we can make the start to design and build a transportable multipurpose “automatic” dismantling line enabling the separation of Nd magnets from the above-mentioned components.

What are your reflections on the outcomes, and how do you see their significance for your role within the project?

We now begin seeing a clear direction on how to proceed. As from now we will continue full force to finalise the idea of the engineering design and followed by building the different prototypes.

How Bronneberg’s competence in recycling machines contribute to the REEPRODUCE project?

Bronneberg recycling machines do not have a lot in common with the design idea we now have with regards to the Nd-magnet dismantling lines. It was though one of our machines, the E-motor wrecker, that is relevant in the REEPRODUCE project. Our large and relevant experience in developing different machines is indeed instrumental to succeed achieving the objectives of the project.

What are your ambitions in contributing to stimulate a more sustainable Europe raw material value chain?

Designing, manufacturing and supplying equipment to the recycling industry has been and most possibly will remain our main activity since the very beginning. The recovery of Nd magnets will definitely widen our view in this particular field. Since our start in the REEPRODUCE project we have already learned that in the general the recycling industry is not aware at all of the importance of the Nd magnet recovery and of this important value chain. There is still a lot of progress to be made in this regard and we will continue to support this with all our strength.