29 Jan 2024

The first video of the REEPRODUCE project is here!

At present Europe’s capacity to provide critical raw materials in general and rare-earth elements in particular is insufficient to cover the EU demand. In this context, the REEPRODUCE project is working to establish for the first time a sustainable and complete European rare-earth elements-based permanent magnets recycling value chain at industrial scale.

The REEPRODUCE innovations will allow a complete closed-loop permanent magnet’s recycling value chain by environmentally friendly technologies at competitive cost. The technologies will be validated in seven pilots, covering the whole recycling value chain, from end-of-life products to new permanent magnets.

REEPRODUCE will set the foundations for a more resilient and secure rare-earth permanent magnet value chain in Europe, 70% more environmentally sustainable, 25% more cost-effective and 25% more socially sustainable than the current import situation.

Ready to learn more? Watch the video here.