01 Jun 2022

The REEPRODUCE project: towards a complete European REEs-based permanent magnets recycling value chain.

Leading representatives from industry, research and technology organisations from 8 European countries have joined forces to increase Europe’s strategic autonomy in Rare Earth Elements (REEs).

On 1-2 June 2022, the REEPRODUCE consortium met for the first time in person to kick-off the collaborative work. The project has been granted  EUR10.1 million from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme to contribute to the European industrial leadership and increase autonomy in key strategic value chains with security of supply in raw materials.

The REEPRODUCE project will establish for the first time a sustainable and complete European REEs-based permanent magnets recycling value chain at industrial scale. This innovation will be able to produce new permanent magnets by environmentally friendly technologies, at competitive cost and by using end-of-life (EoL) products as resource.

A consortium of 15 partners from large, small, and medium-sized enterprises and research and technology organization covering the whole European REEs-recycling value chain is involved in the development of the REEPRODUCE solutions. SINTEF (Norway), coordinates the implementation of the project. The involved partners will work collaboratively in the optimization of technologies, construction, operation and validation of the pilots, in the assessment of their sustainable performance, as well as in the communication, dissemination and exploitation of activities and results.

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