12 Jul 2022

Indumental Recycling

Main tasks and responsibilities in the project: Indumetal is the leader of work package (WP2), where it will coordinate the activities focused on the development of an automatised sorting and dismantling system and supply Neodymium (Nd)-based Permanent Magnets (PMs) from Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Moreover, Indumetal is the leader of Task 6.2, hosting the pilot plant developed for the extraction of Nd-based PMs from Hybrid hard drives (HHDs). Besides its involvment in different tasks, throughout the whole project, Indumetal will share its know-how on (1) handling sorting and dismantling of WEEE and (2) recycling treatment, waste valorisation and secondary raw materials, in order to develop a competitive and sustainable REEPRODUCE process.